So you were really excited and bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. She was beautiful and sleek and ran on great hardware, but then it caught fire to you and your car, got your flight delayed, and set your car on fire. What do you get to replace it? What are the options? Let’s take a look at some viable ones that could make your heart pitter patter with love.

If You Are Willing To Wait A Bit Here Are Some Options

Two new phones are coming out that could be the answer to your prayers. The LG V20 doesn’t release until October 28th, which at the time of publication, is still almost two weeks away. But it does have a removable battery which is something that Samsung is known for, the ability to change out the battery for another one.

A second phone would be the Google Pixel phone. The hardware on this phone is up to par with, and potentially surpass that of Samsung. This is something that we will have to wait and see but according to early reviews it seems to be a plausible replacement for the Note.

If You Are Set on Having a Phone Now (Because Who Isn’t)

Samsung Galaxy S7

You could take a step back and get the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Also a beautiful phone, and the most similar to that of the Note 7, but with this one you won’t get set on fire. I mean if you are dead set on having another Samsung, this would be the first place to start.

According to PC Mag, it actually has “many of the same components, same processor, same modem, same cameras” while the difference is that it’s a big smaller and you don’t have the pen. Really, these things might not be deal breakers for you, but if you want something else we can look at other options.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

For those of you who are set on the pen that the Note comes with, there really is only one other option or replacement, and that would be the Galaxy Note 5. The S Pen provides pressure-sensitive technology which you can’t get with any other phone.

The downfalls to this is that you do get a smaller battery, no removable storage, and it’s not waterproof. (PC Mag). If these don’t make you want to cry and last year’s phone isn’t a bad thing than try this one out.

OnePlus 3

Never heard of it? It isn’t something that’s as common as the Samsung or Apple but it does meet performance standards. According to a review on Gotta be Mobile, it’s cheaper, but has the same processor, 6GB of RAM (compared to 4 GB) and it’s only $399. This makes for a great deal. Not water resistant but it’s still a great option.

Huawei Mate 8

Again, not a household name but does have a 6 inch screen, fast charging and a battery that will last all day this could be an alternative that you could love. It might be a little bit slower, but as a replacement it could suffice. (Gotta be Mobile).

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Now what kind of review would this be without looking into an iPhone. They are extremely popular devices, but you have to consider the one major point, which everyone already knows, it’s not an Android. If you are willing to make the leap to Apple, this would be a great starting point. If not check out the options above for other Android devices.


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