Your workplace environment must, of course, look professional while you’re sitting at your desk and working on upcoming projects. Not only does two computer monitors give you the look and feel of having a professional work space, but they’re incredibly practical and they run on multiple platforms (iOS, Windows, etc.).

When you’re working, you’re often limited when using only one monitor. This is because with one computer screen, you can only run one program on the monitor unless you have a split screen option; wherein, you can use half of your screen for one program and the other half for another program.

Even with the split screen option, you cannot see either program to their full capacities. With two computer monitors at work; however, you can use and run programs on the two screens simultaneously.

If your bedroom is your workplace; for example, if you’re a freelancer, writing articles or reports is much easier because you can have an entire screen dedicated to one of your sources and another screen that allows you can write. Dual screens is also a phenomenal idea if you enjoy working with Photoshop because on one screen you can have a browser open with pictures to scroll through.

You can then drag these images from the left screen to the right screen. Dual monitors also allow you to compare two files; one on either screen. Dual screens also works very well with laptops; so, this creates a convenience

Recent studies show that with two screens you can be more productive at work. Not only are you more productive, but this productivity increases by up to forty-two percent and reduce mistakes by twenty percent. You can run multiple screens on different platforms; for example, you can run Linux, Apple, and Windows using the program Synergy. This program even allows you to combine clipboards.

Multiple screens allows business owners to have many social media pages open at the same time; therefore, they can keep an eye at their own standing in the digital world and on multiple websites. However this is not necessarily the only purchase you should make whilst a company in terms of peripherals, many office users are now moving towards gaming mice for work due to the quality of build and reliability offered by manufacturers.

Not only do two computer monitors make you more efficient, but they’re relatively easy to set up. First, you go into your computer’s screen resolution. Then, click where you see the Multiple Displays drop down list and choose Extend these displays or Duplicate these displays. If your extra screen(s) do not show up then you must click on Detect.

In conclusion, dual screens are one of the best ways to improve your workplace environment. They increase productivity, they’re easy to install, and you can run multiple programs at once. With so many benefits to dual screens, it’s hard to believe that not everyone is using two monitors!