It’s the beginning of the day and your morning meeting is supposed to start in about ten minutes. To top it off, it is a Monday and you forgot to print off the paperwork and handouts needed for this meeting.  You need to print off ten copies of a three page proposal document.  Before printing, you check the paper amount to be sure that there will be enough paper for your printing job.

The document is open and ready on your computer screen and you click print. Your document begins to print successfully, so you pour yourself a celebratory cup of coffee assuming that you have managed to print off your document without any issues.

With only about five minutes left before your meeting and you walk over to grab your documents when you realize the angry blinking screen at the top of the printer. Shocked you glance down and read ‘Out of Toner’.

Only half of your documents were printed and your meeting is about to start. Unfortunately you will have to go into this meeting only partially prepared. You let the office administrator that the printer is out of toner and they begin to fix the problem.

How can you avoid these issues in the future? Let’s discuss some ways to make the most out of your toner.

Place the inkjet printer into Draft mode

Most toner users own an inkjet printer. Using an inkjet printer, the possibility of reducing the amount of ink usage for daily printing can be done by printing under the Draft mode. These types of printers create the desired documents by moving the print cartridge along the page and spray little ink dots.

When the printer is in Normal mode, the ink cartridge performs this task multiple times over the same section line by line. Draft mode allows the printer to perform this task once and continue to the next line.

Reduce the output resolutions on laser printers

Laser printers also have a resolution setting. Printing at lower resolutions utilizes less toner particles to design the desired text or image.  The ink may not appear as dark as those documents printed at higher resolutions. A suggested reduction in resolution is to go from 600 or 1200 DPI to 300 DPI. You will print faster as well.

Use the color cartridges for only color printing

Color cartridges are more costly compared to just monochrome or black cartridges. You can have your printer only use the monochrome cartridges when printing plain black and white texts or images.

To do this, before printing your document, you will go under your printer settings and select the option to print everything in black and white or gray scale. Also make sure to avoid having the printer match color by involving the color printers and use only the monochrome cartridge for the whole document.

Next time before you print, make sure to adjust your document to the appropriate settings to reduce your toner usage. Think before you ink it.