The idyllic comfort and excitement of playing your favorite video game is a great way for you to unwind. You love the thrill of the game and the suspense moment to moment. Well what if you could be paid to play video games? Is this not the ultimate dream of all video gamers?

This dream may not be too far out of your reach. However, this type of job is one that requires a great amount of effort on your part. Professional video gaming is a rather competitive field.  Here are some common ways for you to earn a living from playing video games.

Farm items and gold

If you enjoy participating in online multiplayer role playing games like Word of Warcraft, I am sure you have noticed the great amount of sale proposals for purchasing gold within the game. This and selling other items has been around for quite a long time.

Encouraged by video game companies, the job of selling virtual items to game players has been mainstreamed and money producing. For example, Blizzard takes one dollar per sale that you make in addition to 15% once you collect your cash through PayPal.

Compete and win eSport tournaments

Video games played at the professional level and include tournament level competitions are referred to as eSports. This is the platform where highly skilled players are able to not only earn bragging rights, but also earn financial winnings. Although the payout is high, the likelihood of winning is dependent upon skill.

eSport tournaments are very competitive and are for the most talented and dedicated of players. Other ways that you can earn some money is through corporate sponsorship. Some companies that offer sponsorship to players include Intel, Western Digital, and SteelSeries.

Become a game tester

Major video game companies have employees solely to test their video games. As a video game tester you would test the game during the development stage. Here you are required to report issues that make occur during your interaction with the video game. Game testing is competitive and you may have to work for minimum wage without choosing the particular video game.

Give advice to other video gamers

If you have an expertise in specific video game such as World of Warcraft or Diablo series other players will want to know. There are websites including Killer Guides which pay you to share your knowledge in an eBook form. Smaller markets include selling your authored eBooks on Amazon or your own website.

Record your video game experience

If you play a variety of games, you can record what is called Let’s Play Videos. Here you post them on YouTube and have the option to receive financial donations from viewers. However, the prior to posting, the videos must follow a certain criteria explained by the YouTube website.

The world of professional video gaming is a competitive one. It takes time and skill to make money playing video games. Start honing your skills now and someday make money.