When you think “Smart home” odds are that you’re imagining a new house with all the bells and whistles already in place. A situation where all you have to do is download the corresponding app and suddenly you’re in complete control at all times. You don’t have to have the Nest Thermostat or the Echo by Amazon to have a smart home, make your smart home work for you!

Light bulbs and Adapters

The fancy smart bulbs can be expensive and while they claim to last forever, most light bulbs claims to last for much longer than they ever do. Buying light bulbs for the house shouldn’t be the same as putting a down payment on your lighting. Using an adapter like Incipio’s Smart Light Bulb Adapter you can make the bulbs from your cupboard.

This adapter screws right into your light socket, and then you screw the bulb into the adapter and with works over Wi-Fi. You can operate it with both Apple TV and Siri so apple users should use this as a go-to first step into moving your house into 2016.

7 Day Programmable Thermostat – Honeywell

Honeywell is a great name and has a variety of really high end smart thermostats but, this one isn’t too far from what you expect now except it gives you a lot more control. This thermostat operates over Wi-Fi like most smart home devices but without the price tag of other smart thermostats.

This has an apple and Android app that words in tandem with the device. It learns heating and cooling patterns which means that this device is going to save you money in the long run!

The Echo Dot

A wonderful alternative to the Echo is the little sister, Dot. It doesn’t have the listening capabilities to the full capacity that the Echo does however it works very well with speakers already in your home.

Bluetooth speakers and audio jack based speakers can boost your usability and made the dot worth every dollar. Call an Uber, order a pizza or really anything you can think of is only a voice command away.

Wi-Fi Plugs

If you’re looking for an opportunity to save power, then think immediately of all of the things plugged into your walls that are left on. Or even just the fact that they’re plugged in; we’ve all heard that one right? Well basically every outlet in my house has a lamp, computer, charger, microwave… something is plugged in.

But, a smart plug gives you a few simple controls to restrict the electricity running on it. Whether it’s just turning something on or off when operating over a Wi-Fi connection checking what you may have left on can be as easy as opening your app and ensuring everything that should be off is. Or turn the light on for the late night worker.

When you combine even just a few of these options you’ll be well on your way to saving your money so you can make even bigger and better home improvements!