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Why You Should Consider The Google Pixel Phone

In the wake of everything going on with Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7, everyone is wondering what they should get. And many people who buy a Samsung are looking for it because they like Android based products, and are adamant about not going to an iPhone, which is understandable, because everyone has their preferences. So why should you consider the Google Pixel Phone? Let’s take a look.

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What Phone Should Replace Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

So you were really excited and bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. She was beautiful and sleek and ran on great hardware, but then it caught fire to you and your car, got your flight delayed, and set your car on fire. What do you get to replace it? What are the options? Let’s take a look at some viable ones that could make your heart pitter patter with love.

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Top Android Apps to Download and Install Now

When you get a new phone, you need apps. Whether you are looking for something for healthy and fitness, music, business, etc., there are hundreds of app (thousands) to meet your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the apps that can help make you a more productive member of society.

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