Smart homes might not be the next best thing, but believe me, someday soon they’ll be all we have left to make smart, so get a start now! Besides, after a little bit of investment it can save you money and really make you feel like the single most powerful being the world… well, your home.

Let’s make life easier…

When your doors unlock for you, and lock right behind you reaching for your keys will eventually be a long forgotten muscle spasm. It also offers a scope of protection, no more handing spare keys to neighbors or companies who service inside your home.

Simple apps can let you decide who the house opens for and who doesn’t come in when you’re not there! The technology here is based off of your cell phones GPS functions and what area you have predetermined as “home”.

Take Control Over Energy

Next up on making life easier; let’s take a look at the light situation in your house. By automating when lights will go on, or off or after what time after not being in use they turn off… well all of this saves you money, and conserves energy. Put your alarm clock away and let the lights of your room transition into brightness in the morning and dim when you’re getting ready for bed.

This comes with some semi-necessary hardware but in wall switches and dimmers aren’t too expensive and I’m sure the bulbs in your house could use a transition to some updated versions as well.

This function in a smart house also utilizes apps and can be controlled from your phone, even when away from home. All the equipment you could need for this is in a Lighting Automation Kit which is easy to find.

On top of your light situation, you can take claim over your air conditioning and thermostat too! A smart thermostat is easy to come by although there is a large selection and there’s a little research to be done before committing to one.

Either way, you can set everything to be automated for when you are regularly arriving or leaving home. Adjust all of it straight from your app from wherever you’re at!

Secure Your Home

Traditional security systems can trap you in long term contracts, and take hours to respond. But aside from that you’ll still have to pay the monthly fees that come from traditional security companies and installation fees! So, with a smart home you can be secure with minimal third party involvement.

From wherever you are fire up your alarms and send a blazing siren if your house detects any unwanted movement or unexpected entry. As a bonus, get immediate updates on any doors or windows opening in your household, whether you’re home or away!

It’s affordable, there are home security kits so you can essentially do-it-yourself and leaves it automated to run its regular controls all on its own. If you’ve been slacking on getting your home protection make it part of your upgrades when building up to smart home status!